HHO Kit for cars

HHO Kit for cars
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Posted: 21-Dec-2013


Water to Hydrogen is not new, but yes it is new in India. In U.S. people are using it from since Year 2000, and great and unexpected results are coming.

as you all know water formula is H2O . so we divide it in to parts Hydrogen and oxygen through our Electrolysis system. then it create a gas called HHO (2 parts of Hydrogen and one part of oxygen it mix with your fuel through Air filter intake and create good combulsion


1)Eliminate harmful exhaust emission that pollute the environment and contribute to global warming. Your engine will add oxygen to the environment instead of polluting it.

2)Increase in mileage of vehicle up to 40% & in some case more

3)Increase in life of engine oil more than 2 to 3 times

4) Increase in pick-up of vehicle.

5) Better smoother running engine.

6) Remove carbon deposits and prevent future carbon build up

7) Reduce knocking of engine

8) Reduce the operating temperature of the engine

9) Engine can make less polluted

10) Decreases oil consumption of engine This Hydroxy Gas is then injected into your vehicle's air intake system as a Supplemental Fuel.  HHO Gas has proven to increase mileage while improving horsepower and lowering emissions.

11) Increase engine's life and overall performance.

Now, It's time you joined the thousands of people worldwide who are already using HHO Technology to improve their vehicle's fuel economy. This technology has already been tested and proven to work by thousands and thousands of people.

Its totally compact Kit with Dry cell.

which is easy to Install and give fantastic results

we assure you 25% minimum average increase of your vehicle

100% money Back on un satisfaction

it suits up to 1500 CC car,

Fuel compatibility : use for Petrol, Diesel and CNG Fuel Cars

Dimension : 10"x14"x12"

Weight : 9 Kg

Type : Dry Cell

Gas out put : 1 LPM

Safety bubbler : Yes

Ampere Meter : Yes

Fuse Holder : Yes

30 Amp Relay : Yes

Water Capacity : 2.5 Liters

Ampear drawn : 5 to 6 amps

Pipe : Air pressure pipe 6 Miters

Color : Black

Warranty : one year

Installation manual (English & Hindi ) : Yes

Installation Video CD : Yes

Electronic fuel Injector Enhancer for MPFI cars: Yes

Year: 2013

Condition: New

Type: Car Care